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Men's Coffee Members
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There are approximately 450 memebers of the Men's Coffee Group. The list of members below no longer contains the full street address, telephone number and email address as these are available in the Resident' Login section of the website. The listing is intended to facilitate meeting others in the community - please do not use it for advertising or political purposes. In the table below, (y) indicates a year round resident (r) indicates a tenant or renter


The notes from Men's Coffee meetings can be found on a separate page as can the schedule of meetings


Occupation / Expertise
/ Volunteer Work
John Adams (y) school administrator, Men's Coffee moderator, Vermillion
Paul Adi   Latitude
Joe Albert   Pisces
Art Aldrich   Latitude
Harold Allen   Queen Angel
Pat Antolini   Danios
Vinnie Antonucci Finance Hammerhead

Edward Apalakis

police officer Herring
Dan Appel   Guiniviere
Galt Arthur   Pisces
Jay Atkinson   Nautica
Larry Auth   Danios
Buck Bachura (y) Orlanda
Bo Barber   Insular
Scott Bacon   Finch
Andy Barter   Fan Tail
Ed Bauer pharmacist Upwind
Stan Bergman (r)    
Denis Blaise   Puffin
Jim Bridges      banker, Director, Convenats Committee, Street Representative, Web Site Vermillion
Jeffrey Brown   Wahoo
Bill Browning   Nautica
Leon Bryla   Sea Star
Terry Burzycki   Yellow Fin
Fred Cable teacher 28737 Xenon
Jerry Cage

28101 Goby

Ron Cain 28558 Guinivere
Aurele Campeau financial services 28709 Wahoo
Joe Cannata automotive dealership 28033 Eagle Ray
Carl Cappadona CPA, Director, Treasurer, Finance 28373 Nautica
Tom Carrabotta 28071 Dorado
Dick Castiglia school administrator, owner of a screen print and embroidery firm 15250 Sea Star
Luc Charron 28963 Vermillion
Ron Ciani Street Representative 28108 Herring
Vince Cirillo 15380 Scrub Jay
Dominic Colantonio   28900 Zamora
Alan Cole   28732 Xenon
Bill Cornelius Highway administrator 28982 Vermillion
Tom Costin    28217 Islet
Mario Couture 28729 Xenon
Gordon Cox funeral director 28704 Yahoo
Ted Cuda (y) entrepreneurial, public safety uniforms 15370 Trevally
George Cudnik Street Representative 28891 Vermillion,
Jim Curran 15461 Orlanda
Walter Curran (r) auto mechanic 15363 Upwind
Carmine Curro 28309 Nautica
Don Dailey computer software, Men's Coffee organizer, Street Representative 28844 Vermillion
Bob Davis sales 28045 Eagle Ray
Russ Davison math specialist 28890 Vermillion
Dale Debeljak   15410 Trevally
Rich DeNoia   28105 Herring
Jim DeRose   28542 Guinivere
Phil DeSalvo used automobiles 28918 Vermillion
Patrick Dilworth   28529 Guinivere
Mark Edwards   28479 Village Walk Boulevard
Don Ehrmentraut mayor 15358 Scrub Jay
Bill Faber   28280 Islet
Ed Fares   28847 Yellowfin
Jerry Feldstein   28776 Xenon
Nick Ferrante   28174 Islet
Bob Fortunato   28145 Herring
Lynn Fox   28831 Vermillion
Paul Fox   28556 Hammerhead
Carl Fredeen   28032 Eagle Ray
Leon Gahwiler (y) dentist, Social Bridge 28341 Moray
John Gauss   28275 Koi
Tom Gibbons telephone installer, Street Representative 28052 Eagle Ray
Charlie Glasser   15339 Bonefish
Rob Glessner
AARP Driver Safety Instructor , Naples Speakeasy Toastmasters 15012 Blue Marlin
Len Gorer (r) teacher 15389 Trevalley
Fred Groehl 28512 Finch
Nick Guerra   28525 Finch
George Halsey   15033 Danios
Bill Handworth police officer 28843 Yellow Fin
Lawrence Hardy  

28281 Islet

Dean Hargis 28640 Wahoo
Stephan Harrigan   15084 Blue Marlin
Don Head   28875 Yellow Fin
Bill Hedges   28520 Finch Terrace
Jerry Heeringa   28501 Finch
Fred Hodupp (y) financial planner 28713 Wahoo
Bob Hoegler
  15016 Blue Marlin
Ted Hrinko   28513 Hammerhead
Tom Hubbell   28159 Islet
Tom Ingrassia   28161 Herring
Ted Inzerillo   28238 Village Walk Circle
Bob Jacobs  
Jim Jenkins   28950 Vermillion
Bob Johnson Street Representative , 28998 Vermillion
Jay Johnson   28763 Xenon
Bill Jones   12804 Finch Terrace
Jack Just   28288 Islet
Robert Kampmann Education, commercial, institutional computer & networking installations 28554 Guinivere
Dave Kandik   28275 Jeneva
James Karolides   28109 Goby
Jim Kauffman
Former state fire marshall, currently consulting in information technology, telecommuncations 15254 Sea Star
Phil Kavanaugh   28821 Xenon
Frank Kearney Chief Financial Officer, Men's Coffee organizer, Street Representative , Webmaster, Finance 28854 Vermillion
Bill Kelly Accounting / Finance 28246 Islet
Tony Kennedy   28169 Herring
Richard Kiley   28883 Yellow Fin
Jim Kinsler   28601 Wahoo
Jim Kley engineer, handyman 15369 Laughing Gull
Aaron Knopf   28304 Nautica
Clark Knuth   28824 Yellow Fin
Frank Kobel Convenats Committee   Insurance executive 15367 Bonefish

Jerry Kolynchuk

  28544 Hammerhead
Steve Krekus   28884 Yellow Fin
Ted Krull   28345 Moray
Bill Kullmann   15008 Blue Marlin
Lowell Kuntz   28805 Yellow Fin
Larry Kusz   28144 Herring
Dan LaChance   15335 Bonefish
Andre Lehmann (y)   15389 Scrub jay
Bob Lindner    1533 Laughing Gull
Chris Look   28801 Yellow Fin
Steve Lucas   15436 Orlanda
Gary Lueneburg 28512 Hammerhead
Dave Lupa 28179 Islet
Les Lutz (y) Street Representative 15451 Puffin
Gordon MacDonald 15076 Blue Marlin
Michael Madden   15429 Orlando
Jay Maher   28851 Vermillion
Tony Malzone   28878 Vermillion
Dave Mance   28868 Yellow Fin
Vince Marchesani Street Representative , Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) 15401 Puffin
Don Martell Men's Coffee organizer, 28945 Vermillion
Bill Massey   15492 Orlando
Bob Matheny 28334 Moray
Jim Mathias   15400 Orlando
Bill Maulsby   28925 Vermillion
Sal Mauro   15281 Sea Star
Bill McCann
  28525 Hammerhead
Robert McCarthy   28120 Herring
Joe Moffa   28712 Xenon
Tom McCormick   28277 Islet
Joe McGuire 28538 Guinivere
Bill McKenna 28675 Wahoo
Jim McKenna 15355 Upwind
Victor McNabb   28931 Vermillion
Mike Medders   28655 Wahoo
Dennis Michael   Nautica
Joe Migliorese   15309 Bonefish
Harry Miller    
Joe Moffa  
Bill Morris 15379 Queen Angel
Pete Mullin   28309 Moray
Craig Musick   15426 Trevally
Joe Nardone   15343 Upwind
Ray Naton national sales manager 28164 Herring
Dean Newhouse   28605 Wahoo
Tom O'Connell   28100 Herring
Mike O'Hara   28037 Eagle Ray
Chet Oliver 28124 Cetation
Tony Pappone    
Ajit Parekh pulminary care, critical specialist 15266 Sea Star
Steve Parent   28706 Xenon
Bill Pascente   285004 Hamerhead
Albert Passuello   15441 Orlando
Joe Perrino   28048 Eagle Ray
George Pertesis   28236 Islet
Frank Petrulla   28929 Vermillion
Mark Pister   28501 Hammerhead
Richard Pointer   15499 Orlanda
Marty Pullano 15496 Orlando
Jack Pultz:
  52881 Guinivere
Alan Rathwell   15358 Trevally
Ken Rayner 18537 Guinivere
Jim Regan pilot 15424 Almaco
Graham "Rick” Reichenbach handyman 15343 Bonefish

Nick Ricciardelli

  28513 Guinivere
Si Riedel   28865 Vermillion
Ron Rodriguez   15374 Trevally
George Romanenko   28922 Vermillion
Art Rosen   28067 Dorado
Jerry Rubin 28545 Guinivere
Joe Ruggio Chief Financial Officer, Tax Collector, Street Representative, Finance 15351 Scrub Jay
Randall Rumble (y)   28933 Zamora
John Russo   28042 Dorado, 15306 Bonefish
Frank Sarno 15354 Queen Angel
Ron Schilling   28312 Nautica
Duane Sears   15405 Orlando
John Shane   28509 Guiniver
Bo Sharp
  28509 Hammerhead
Jack Silk 28739 Xenon
Larry Simkin   28233 Islet
Ben Skelton real estate 15359 Trevaly
Steve Slone (y)   28108 Goby
Dennis Smiertka 28269 Islet
Bill Soules 28958 Vermillion
Matt Spatzek   15422 Queen Angel
Steve Spring   15402 Remora
Dick Sproul   15406 Trevalley
Steve Stark   28336 Nautica

Neil Stokes

  28728 Xenon
Bob Strasser auto industry 28647 Wahoo
Joe Sullivan 28705 Waho
Ron Talley   28951 Vermillion
Daniel Tamburilla   28697 Wahoo
Joe Tartaro   28999 Vermillion
Ron Taylor   28951 Vermillion
Manny Thomas   28020 Eagle Ray

Craig Tunnicliff

  15480 Orlando
Samuel Vacante    
Michael Valentine (y)   28267 Koi
Tom Wade university professor in music 28471 VillageWalk
Bob Wagner   15347 Bonefish
Jim Warsing   28500 Hammerhead
Ken Weber   28349 Moray
Les Weigelt Highway Engineer 28890 Vermillion
Leonard Weinberg   15278 Sea Star
Bud Wisniewski   28582 Guinivere
Earle Wisniewski   28284 Islet
Tom Wood Vermillion
Brian Woodhouse   Finch
Mack Worl   Puffin

Paul Wright

Len Yanazzo   Yellow Fin
Bonner York Hammerhead
Ray Youmans Guinivere

Stuart Ystebo

Phil Zacks   Orlanda
Fred Zehnder   Koi
Bob Ziegel driving, racing Wahoo
Peter Zilko   Yellow Fin
Rich Zimmer   Xenon
Stan Zurakowski   Sea Star



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